The more labels I apply to myself, the dumber and more prone to groupthink I feel.


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I am one of those overprotective parents. I am aware of it, but I can hardly do much about it. I learn things all the time, but I still struggle to let my son enjoy his life and learn as much as possible from his childhood. So I tend to…


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I was listening to an interview with a former chairman of a national bank. He explained how the future ‘FinTech’ businesses will have to operate. He mentioned the term brutal self-reflection.

I often remember that and reflect on the meaning.

I applied for a CISO role with a FinTech company…

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Robert Greene nicely described dependency in his book ‘The 50th law’:

“Think of it this way: dependency is a habit that is so easy to acquire. We live in a culture that offers you all kinds of crutches. Experts to turn to, drugs to cure any psychological unease, mild pleasures…


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I have been experiencing some pain in my heel for a few weeks now. Plantar fasciitis can hurt like hell. And it makes you feel pretty fragile and insignificant.

Doing some research and study enlightened me on understanding the principle of cause and consequence (instead of putting my trust into…


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Both choices in the title show strong characteristics being counterintuitive and paradoxical by nature. Like winning the lottery, every young entrepreneur dreams of becoming an overnight success. But that is not the best solution one could hope for to become and stay successful.

I was always intrigued by the extent…


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Those are the words that often accompany the weird. We all crave for and want something special in our lives. But we always shudder at a thought of doing something of a kind.

Special is an anomaly by definition. If you want to attract anomalies, you have to open yourself…


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