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The more labels I apply to myself, the dumber and more prone to groupthink I feel.


Is this yet another ‘no pain, no gain’ example?

Leopard jumpstart Europe games © Maria Camacho,


And about a popular business approach that appears to be self-destructive

Business photo created by drobotdean —

Less than 50 percent

Do you think that your previous success will help you stay afloat indefinitely?

Source image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


Can you (ever) stop to consider where YOU ‘put a comma’?

Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash

Presenting the basics


We dislike change by nature, but it is the essence of progress

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash


Spotting those requires looking in a different direction

Photo by Brienne Hong on Unsplash

“Everyone comes at the table to shear some sheep. If you can’t spot the sheep at the table, you are the sheep.”

Large animals feed on small ones


It’s not about chances but choices — counterintuitive and paradoxical

Photo by Victor He on Unsplash

Dunning-Kruger Effect for the uninformed


Interesting | Possible | Unbelievable | Exciting | Achievable | Untamable

Snow-cover intervention © Erik Johansson,

“If you want to be an anomaly, act like one. People want all these special things to happen to them but they are acting like everybody else.” — Gary Vaynerchuck

A chilling morning run


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